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Who are we?

We are a team of passionate travellers and love exploring, experimenting and experiencing different things in life. MVBOGMA.COM is a curated travel website specialising in exotic destinations such as Silk Road and Polar road tours.


Dr Marina Bogma

I am the founder of MVBOGMA.COM providing Curated tours & packages, accommodation and online deals including luxury getaways in exotic places of South America, Africa. Central Asia & Europe. I did my PhD in Pharmacy and my research was on pharmaceutical technology, microbiology, low-temperature plasma, and nanotechnology.


Science has been one of my passions for as long as I can remember. My involvement in research has given me first-hand exposure to the process of active scientific research, resulted in incredible research experiences and career opportunities, and instilled in me a passion for science, art, traveling, exploring and experiencing various cultures and food.

Noah Lakshamalla

I am an Australia investor, engineer, entrepreneur and fellow passionpreneur when it comes to traveling, science, food and exploring cultures, met Marina in Kuala-Lumpur 2015, since then we became good friends and recently partnered on a business venture to mix our passions of science, exploring, art and history and now we proudly introduce our website MVBOGMA.COM, and February 16, 2020 is the birthday of our project.



What does MVBOGMA.COM do?


We will show you art history & culture like a local, make you fall in love again, be amazed, share our research stories, ventures, listen, laugh, think, solve riddles, and enjoy life. Together we will travel through history, draw parallels and similarities with other countries and cultures, search for secret signs and messages, get inspired by ancient and modern architecture and paintings not visible to common travelers. You will never forget it!


Why should you choose us?

1.    Come and explore exotic destinations in a comfortable and local way. 

2.    We welcome solo & small groups (max 5), customised and curated tours.

3.    Our tours are friendly local style and eat & drink where the local's hangout. 

4.    Uncover hidden art & culture gems, travel through off beaten tracks of history and enjoy the local way. 

5.    We will make unforgettable memories by taking splendid photos. 

6.    Our tours promote women in business and operated by women.

7.    Offer safe, enjoyable and unforgettable tours in exotic destinations


Let us share stories from lives of famous characters, empathize their falls and admire victories and, of course, eat and drink as local and take photos that will always remind you of the stunning holiday and exotic getaways provided by MVBOGMA.COM


Live life, laugh, explore, fire up those passions of food, culture, and art again. Become a local with MVBOGMA.COM!


Marina Bogma (Founder)


Noah Lakshamalla (Founder)




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Travel like a local and enjoy like a local



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